Your first choice electrical solutions provider.

The Electrical Company WA can provide a range of products and services for all your household or business electrical needs, including;

LED Downlights
Using the latest LED technology, we can replace your existing out-dated downlights or install new downlights to selected rooms throughout your home or office. Not only do they make the room look fancy, they are good for the environment and help save you money, cutting your power costs.

Power Points
Most rooms are not built with enough power points, if your home or office is in need, contact us to install them where you need them most. Existing power points can often fade and become yellow over time, we can easily swap out your old power point for a new nice modern looking fitting. Tired of using a power point just for your phone charger? Ask us for a combination power point with a USB port built into the socket.

If you don’t have air conditioning, want to save power or simply need better airflow around the room contact us for a quote. With remote technology now available we can install fans to any room of your house or office, including the alfresco.

We can provide all your lighting needs, from using the latest LED technology to a simple oyster light or strip lighting around your kitchen. Whether it’s a security sensor light or spot light outside call us for a free quote and let us shed some light on matter!

RCD Protective devices and Smoke Alarms
New legislation now requires all new buildings, homes for sale and rentals to have 2 RCD’s and smoke alarms installed on the premises. If peace of mind is what you're after than don’t wait any longer, these safety devices can save lives and can be installed in any home or office, especially if you have an older building with fuses. Quick and simple to install they can be the difference between life and death. Call us today for a free quote so you are protected.

Is your house or office a bit outdated? Then replacing the lights and power points throughout can really make a difference. Using the latest technology and energy saving LEDs you’ll save money on your power bills and have more light throughout. Whether it’s just the kitchen or bathroom, to the entire house or office we’re here to help with quality workmanship at the lowest cost.

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